Setting up a Wiki on CS Web Pages

First, you need to get your account (the one whose website you want to setup a wiki within) to have MySQL access. This is automated by the account system. Just get your supervising faculty member to request MySQL access to be added to your account, and the system will set that up for you (see "Accessing CS Department Services" for more info).

Once you have MySQL access, these instructions should lead you through the rest of the install

(Change to dir within public_html in which you want to add a "wiki" subdir)
Note: Do NOT create the wiki directory, just go to the dir you want it in.

umask 0
tar xzvf /opt/wiki/mediawiki-*.tar.gz
mv -vi mediawiki-*/ wiki
cd wiki
chmod o-r .
chmod a+ws config

(Now Go To Your New Wiki and Do Web config - be sure to do all of the following)
        -Wiki Name (whatever)
        -Contact E-Mail (Yours!)
        -Admin Username/Password
        -Database Host:
        -DB name: <uid>_whatever
        -DB username: <uid>
        -DB password: What was sent to you for MySQL access (NOT LDAP access)
        Note: <uid> is the same as your CS LDAP userid, but password is NOT!

mv -vi config/LocalSettings.php ./
rm -rvf config

cp /opt/wiki/fixwikiperms.php ./
(Go to your wiki
rm -vf fixwikiperms.php

(Now Go and Use Your New Wiki)