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Syncing your CS Email account with your android phone

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Under the "Accounts" section select "Add Account"
  3. Select "EMail"
  4. Type in your full CS Email and password, then select "Next"
  5. When asked what type of account, specify "Imap" or "POP3". IMAP is the preferred choice.
  6. Replace "Username" with just your CS username, no @cs.binghamton.edu .
  7. Change "Imap Server" to "mail.cs.binghamton.edu"
  8. From the dropdown under "Security Type" select "SSL/TLS"
  9. Select "Next"
  10. Next screen should show SMTP Server
  11. Make sure "mail.cs.binghamton.edu" is the specified server
  12. From the dropdown under "Security Type" select "SSL/TLS"
  13. When you are at the "Account settings" screen select your personal preferences
  14. Select "Next"
  15. Fill in the appropriate details if needed then select "Next"
  16. Enjoy!