CS Department Network Details

Each CS LDAP account may or may not have permission to access each of these two remaining networks. Access to one does not ensure access to the other, and vice-versa, though they do share the same home filesystem, and most of the same software.

The "Classroom" Network

Machines in our classroom lab, and remotely-accessible machines with the same setup, for use by our courses. Access is removed after each semester. These are not part of the "Linux" Network (see below), but share the same home filesystem. Includes the following machines.

Local-Use-Only Classroom/Lab Machines



Remote-Use-Only Classroom Machines

The "Linux" Network

Standard department network for department work, CS e-mail access, CS web sites, etc.... Not required for e-mail access (all LDAP accounts have remote e-mail access regardless of network permissions), but required for web page hosting. Consists of the following machines: